Today I was supposed to see my baby

So. I've been waiting for this day. For two weeks. Because my previous pregnancy stopped at 5 weeks. And I went on for another 5 weeks thinking I was having a baby. Picking names. Etc. 
so I told my obgyn that I'd like to have an ultrasound ASAP so I know one way or another. Based off conception I'm 6 weeks 4 days. But when I get there all they care about is last period. Which puts me at like 5 weeks. Even though I know the exact date of conception which makes me almost 7 .... So I take the hour drive to my ob, who had set me up for an ultrasound today. Only to sit there for two hours and be told they are going to wait another week. I was begging for an ultrasound. And then begged for at least an hcg level test. Which I won't even know the results of till when ever they call me. 
I'm in such a sour mood now and I don't want to wait another week! It's like they don't care about the anxiety I've been going through at all. I understand you see tons of women everyday. But this is your job. Not only to be a doctor but you need to be supportive. Your workin with hormonal pregnant women ! 😣🔫