Dunno what's happening to me (TMI) HELP!

So I am currently 8DPO and I'm having so really strange symptoms happening to me, my breast are really sore ( which is normal for me after I ovulate) BUT my nipples look extremely bigger then usual, I'm having mild cramping but mainly only at night, i have watery CM which ia unusal fpr me at this stage normally im dry, at 5 DPO i was at work and I ate a choclate felt so light headed i nearly fainted like really bad nausea which I couldn't understand. the strange thing is the last few days I've been snapping at my SO mainly for little things I'd normal just ignore, which is really strange because I'm not usual like this with him, I've become moody but mainly only towards him! I dunno what's happening. I did get the urge to test this morning and got a BFN ... anyone got any clue as to what's going on with me?