Drunk sex?

So my SO and I hardly ever drink and if we do its like 1 or 2 when we get off work to relax. But im just getting this feeling he drinks a little heavier then me.

The last two times we have been drinking i feel like sex is like a must for him, and i wasnt necessarily in the mood, but ya know i wanted to please him. But it got to the point where "he" was sloppy and just completely turned me off.... like certain things really pissed me off in the act.

The last time, when I pushed him away, he resorted to his phone to watch porn and jack off while he was laying next to me.

Is it just me or is that completely rude??

I tried to give him some head to calm him a little from overreacting but he was still in his phone (i assume, continuing to watch porn)

I don't know how to feel about this......