Acceptance problems


So here's the deal, I'm 12 weeks pregnant with my first baby to ever make it to the second trimester. I'm over the moon that this little fighter just keeps growing.

However, I'm fighting a losing battle with myself.

Logically, I know I'm going to gain weight with this baby. I know that in order for baby to be happy and healthy, I need to gain a little. I'm struggling with the fact that while in school, I put on a few pounds (nursing school does that) and now I'm pregnant and had to abandon my attempts to feel like myself again. I'm really uncomfortable in my own skin, to the point that I now feel like hiding every time I have to get dressed in front of my SO and don't feel attractive at all. I'm very lucky to have someone who tries very hard to make me feel good about myself. I feel miserable about myself and my body and don't know how to make it better.

I'm aware that a lot of it is bloat. I'm aware that I have a thyroid problem & PCOS & losing weight is a struggle for me. But I've never been filled with such self loathing before & don't know what to do. Especially with the guilt of knowing that my body is actually doing it for a good reason. :/

I'm 5'1" & 173 lbs. :(

Any suggestions?