Passed a piece of tissue - emergency U/S

Hi all!! Wanted to share my little scare from yesterday in hopes that it could help someone else in a similar situation. 
​Im 6 weeks, 5 days and noticed a 1/4" or so sized red piece of tissue after using the restroom. Pretty big but No blood or cramps. I called my doctors office to get their take on it and they instructed me to come immediately for my first ultrasound.  
​I was panicked. I didn't expect their reaction. I was supposed to have to wait til 10 weeks for an U/S. I figured they thought I was losing the baby. I was obviously super distraught and crying and left work. 
​The ultrasound was amazing. She saw a gestational sac from the tummy scan but had to do a vaginal one to see the yolk sac and baby. She said it measures 6 weeks- the size if a grain of rice. Then she turned the sound on and we heard the heartbeat! A beautiful 138bpm. Wow. 
​The doctor thinks the baby sloughed off some uterine skin when implanting. So even a few weeks after implantation you can see evidence of it. 
​I'm overjoyed!!