Super confused

So last month after me fertile week I had (TMI) a little bleeding it only happend once when I wiped didn't happend no more after untitled mayb a week or so later again only when I wiped but was less then the first time and hasn't happend since. My period was due on the 12th 6 days before I took a test BFN then again 4 days before period was due BFN then again 2days before BFN so I waited then the 12th came and no af waited one more day nothing so I tested BFN  now I'm 5 days late (if af don't show today) and I just tested and still BFN I'm not sure if I'm just extremely late or I could still be in this month... My body must be playing a really sick joke on me... Frustrated... Has this happend to anyone and gotten a BFP later on or just been late.