Thanksgiving party

Now to beginning with i know that Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks for everything god has given us and i wanted to share it with my inlaws so i invited them to my house so we could make the dinner here. All 3 offered to help out with something which was nice. My husband and i decided to make the turkey bcus its the most expensive. Now they are talking about bringing cokes or plates everything small. Now im not selfish but im pregnant and my daughter is having some dental work because of some cavities on the 25 and i know she will moody and wont let me cook. I dont know if its my hormones or what but it bothers me that they dont want to spend money nor make it a nice dinner ?.. I need some help!! Should i just call it off and make dinner for my husband  and daughter since we are going to be making the main dishes or invite them over and get over it!