Rant: Conception Deception

I'm probably going to get dragged through the ringer.. But I've seen more than one post regarding this lately and I need to say my piece. I understand that everyone has points of view and different circumstances. Please don't take this as a personal attack. I just hope that a few of the girls on here read this and maybe think twice before they really end up doing this sort of thing.. Comments are appreciated but again... It's just my opinion..
Please DO NOT EVER impregnate or attempt to impregnate yourself without the consent of the would be bio-dad!! I don't care if he's your husband, fiancé, boyfriend, or joe blow off the street! He's saying that he doesn't want a baby and he means it!! It is so unfair for you to go behind his back and "magically" become pregnant after he told you no. I don't care what happened-poking holes in condoms, stopped taking pills, turkey basted yourself, etc- doesn't matter. Mostly because he told you no! But also because you cannot expect him to support a kid you tricked him into fathering.
For real, it is so selfish of the women (uhh girls!) who pull that crap just because they want a baby! They need to think of someone besides themselves! (Like maybe the child that was conceived because of a lie) (maybe even the guy who told her that he didn't want a kid-for whatever reason).
Ladies, this is a REALLLLLLLLLY BAD idea. Just don't. I know what it's like to have baby fever, trust me! Even puppy fever... If I brought a puppy home every time I saw a cute one me and those puppies would be living on the sidewalk because my husband would be so pissed! 
So just have some respect for your partner & wait until he is ready. None of this sneakin around behind his back with a turkey baster & used condoms! And if you know you want to have kids, discuss it! If you're on the same page you'll be amazed at the beauty of your relationship!! Trust me on this one!!