He likes..! ??He likes me not..??

I met this guy at work who at first really got on my nerves. But then we started bonding. We'd have really deep conversations after hours over drinks or even in each other's cars. (Restaurant biz, so around 2-3am)  I'm FOH manager and he's the kitchen manager. For months now, there's been a rumor that he likes me, but I never noticed until now... Anyway, a few weeks ago, I ended up telling him that I liked him, and he responded with, "I never knew I could have you", followed by "you're perfect for me". We've kissed and been 'cuddle buddies' since then, but whenever we try hanging out like friends, he won't acknowledge me. Am I doing something wrong? I'm doing my best not to initiate contact with him, but at the same time, when he says "text me when you're off work", what's a girl supposed to do?!