Men just don't understand!

My BF had the audacity to tell me last night that I didn't understand how much effort he was putting forth and how much "stress" he was under to preform and make a baby. I was like WTF?!!  I have been taking provera to get AF then clomid then testing for O like a maniac and then progesterone vag suppositories every night  until I find out I'm not pregnant and have to start all over. ANYONE who has taken these know what horrid effects it has on your body! cramps, gas, bloating, weight gain, mood swings, acne everywhere! and so much more. Grrr men don't get it! his job is to orgasm and then he doesn't have to do anything for nearly a year! seriously?! I wish that was all I had to do!!! I was like i would gladly trade places!!