Feeling frustrated and upset.

Tanya • Been with hubby for 14 years finally conceived baby #1 after 32 months of trying. We are so overjoyed
Hello ladies. You have all probably gone through this at some point but for last few days I've been feeling upset. I took a hpt Thursday and got a bfn! So got really emotional and started crying. ( first month really really really really trying)  had bd on every day possible. Then I did another hpt and still got a bfn! Hubby's been very supportive and really lovely bless him but I just don't know if I can do this every single  month? Does it get easier? We have been having unprotected sex for a year ( not trying but if it happens then it happens) me I was thinking that it wouldn't really take this long and it still hasn't happened. Just feel so frustrated and very emotional first time getting a bfn because I never really tested in last year because we wasn't trying very hard. And I just felt like my heart was broken. Then my cycle buddy bless her. She found out she was pregnant. Which is great news I was so happy. So now feeling bit lonely :( xxx