Dealing with disappointment Advice


Hello ladies,

My husband and i just did our first cycle of <a href="">IUI</a>, and i just found out will be our only cycle for this year because my husband is going away for work! I dont get my blood test done until the 25th but to be completely honest i dont feel like its worked. The specialist did the <a href="">iui</a> 16 hours too early, and i am aware that IUIs usually take a few cycles to work, aside from that, call me silly but i just honestly have a gut feeling it hasnt worked. All this being said im still disappointed, and its sort disheartening as well, doing all those shots and this crinone gel 😩 all for nothing, now that we cant do another cycle this year. I know it sounds selfish but id really appreciate it if any of you have any encouraging stories with <a href="">IUI</a> or really anything or with anything like this, id just like to know its not completely useless! Thankyou in advance

So i would love for some