Baby boy born at 34weeks & 3days, 5

Baby boy born at 34weeks & 3days, 5.7lbs & 18.9inches. Due date was june 24. @ 21&6 I got a cerclage due to incompetent cervix. Bed rest ever since and in the hospital up until induction. @ 30 weeks my water started leaking. I received 3 betamethasone shots for his lungs. I only received one 17p shot bc it hurt so bad. I was supposed to get 4. I was induced Monday and only pushed 25-30 minutes. Baby came out screaming and kicking. He and I are doing great. He has breathed on his own since birth & maintaining his own body temperature. He will take a Pacifier very well but still needs a feeding tube, as feeding on his own has been a struggle. I hope this helps someone out there. All I did was read post here and go CRAZY on google. However your own experience is just that "your own". I wish every mama and baby the very best of luck! .