What To Do?

Hey Ladies, I am pregnant with my first, very excited. I only about 6 weeks along, havent seen the dr yet, but ive been nauseas 24/7. I really want to tell my family especially my mom, but my husband insists we wait until after the drs appointment and ultrasound 4 weeks from now. He is afraid we might have a miscarriage (two of his past girlfriends had miscarriages, not sure if thats why he's extra sensitive about it), doesnt want us to get our hopes up and then disappoint everyone. I really want to respect my husband, but I could really use the support of my family right now, i have 5 sisters and would love to talk to them about their pregnancies and just get encouragement. Any time I try to talk to my husband about why he wants to wait so bad he gets defensive so I stop talking about it. Any advise as to how to go about it or what I should do?