So i'm 14w & i'm so tired all the time. The begining of last year I weighed 176 & I lost 40 lbs and recently before my pregnancy I weighed 136/138. Now i'm weighing at 142 but I want to work out and eat healthy during this pregnancy. I want to actuallybe active. My only issue is i'm ALWAYS tired! And I lost my good eating habbits. All I want is sweets and food that isn't the most healthy food to eat! I see all these pregnant fit moms working out everyday and here I am just in bed daydreaming about it too exhausted to get up and too hungry to eat just fruit/salads/ and veggies. Any advice on how to get more energy and any good tips on keeping a good "diet"? Not that I want to lose weight I just want to be healthy during my pregnancy and not gain extra weight that isn't from the baby! HELP ME
Before and after photis. I weighed around 165 in the first photo 136 in second photo