Advice please am I in the wrong

Kirsty • I had a missed missed carriage before Christmas last year and been trying for a baby ever since
My other half Got s new motor bike spent nearly 3 grand buying it do I have the right to be annoyed as we need carpet and that for the flat it's like when it's my money it has to go on bills and shopping but with he's he can do what he wants with it so he says now all he keeps taking about is the bike I'm at he's moms in the kitchen on my own why he is messing around with he's new bike just feel like it's a waste off money and he now telling me he going out with he's mates off a Sunday when that's family time not sure what to do or am I in the wrong anymore he says its jealousy but I'm not if that was me with a new car and said to him I'm going out every other day I know he won't like it but to spend that much money when he knows I want a house is wrong isn't it???