Delivery room headache

Mariesa • Mommy to Kasen born May 30th on Memorial Day.
Maybe some advice on what your plans are or what you did when you delivered. My boyfriend gets super offended anytime I bring up anything about his parents, he thinks I'm being hard on them or something but they are just super pushy especially his dad and I don't need the headache when I have my son. His dad annoys the ever loving s#*% out of me. (Really though you don't need to touch my belly every time you see me, gross go away, among other things) I really don't want to notify them until it's time to start pushing. They live two hours away and I figure if we don't tell them until it's time to push I can have some time alone with my son and boyfriend. My parents will be notified right away because they live 1800 miles away and will need to get on a plane. Do you think that's unfair?? I just don't want to deal with them when this moment is supposed to be special and it's already stressful enough without the added stress of them being there. I say them but it's really aimed more at his dad.