Morning Sickness??

THE ACTUAL QUESTIONS ARE IN THE BOTTOM PARAGRAPH. This top paragraph just has a few additional details. I have PCOS and my husband and I have been TTC our first child since January. I ovulated May 9th for the first time in over a year (because I'm now on Metformin) and we timed BD that day and May 11th. I took a FRER yesterday (10 DPO) and it was negative. However, this morning I woke up at 5 AM super dizzy with the room spinning. By 6 I had thrown up and threw up twice more before 7 AM. I had no other symptoms of the stomache bug (fever, diarrhea, stomache cramps ... etc.) 
I'm not a baby by any means but I literally was about to die ;) By 9 AM I was suddenly feeling well enough to eat and by noon I was almost 100%. Could this be morning sickness? I don't want to waste my second FRER when I just used one yesterday so HCG hasn't doubled yet and it's obviously too late in the day for FMU. I also just got prescribed provera to induce bleeding and my first 3 rounds of Clomid yesterday and I want to get that started if I'm not pregnant.
SOOOO the questions are: how early did you start experiencing morning sickness, how severe was it, what time of day, and how long did a "wave" of nausea hit you before going away? Thanks! Just thought I'd get some advice before taking another FRER tomorrow or Sunday!