Just found out something...😞

🐚Shimmering β€’ Lucian was born 10/5/26 @ 1:29 am!

I just found out, my best friend from highschool has been living out of her car for a while now.

It hurts me to know she has had to resort to this. I offered for her to stay with me but where I live is too far from her work and school.

So now I'm talking with SO about us getting our apartment a little sooner and giving her a place to stay free of charge for a while. He knows she's very special to me and it hurts me to know this. She's a lesbian so it wouldn't cause problems with him. And her and I are past being uncomfortable with each other.

I will do anything for my friends if they're taking on hard times. I've been lower than I am right now, we aren't rich but we make descent enough money.

Just needed to let this out.