11 week old baby girl does not sleep peacefully in the night 😩

Ladies!! I need help! My 11 week old ebf baby girl does not sleep well in the night. She used to sleep well when swaddled but now fights it and get her arms out. She sleeps in her crib next to my bed. Last week, she slept for straight 7 hrs without feeding but since last Sunday, she hasn't slept for more than 1 and half hrs. She starts grunting and moves her head side to side in her sleep. We tried putting her to sleep in an inclined position, have her gerber probiotic drops, gas drops but nothing helped. She used to drop her pacifier once goes in deep sleep but now she wakes up everytime her pacifier fall out. Her night time routine starts with a bath at 9pm, feed, diaper change and then bed by 10 pm. She does not sleep much during the day. Nap time is max of 2-3 hrs. It's been 6 nights without any sleep. What should I do??? Sorry about the long postΒ