Debates with my husband

I feel so horrible because my husband wants a dog sooooooo bad but I don't want one right now. We have two small kids and about to have a baby in November and I really don't want a dog. My husband is so sneaky. Besides the fact that he went and adopted a dog without my permission 2 months ago and I made him return it. (By the way when you adopt a dog you don't get it same day) so that day I told him to go get his money back because he didn't have the dog yet. But he gets our kids excited for a dog and then tried to tell me that the kids want a dog. I'm not stupid. So today he says lets go to petsmart and find some more fish for our tank...I agree just to get out of the house. We pull up in the parking lot and it looks like a party! Why?!! Because the damn animal shelter is there and they were trying to find homes for all their puppies. Coincidence right... I looked at my husband like you slick bastard!! So we go in looking at fish and he is so short with deciding on which fish. I'm like "oh this one has pretty colors" and he's like mmmm hmmm. We some how magically end up over in the area where they are letting people hold the puppies and play with the puppies. So I start playing with this one dog it was so cute! So I made the mistake by saying out loud you are so cute! My husband ran next to me and was like yea she's beautiful, do you like her, you want it?!!! My smile turned into this 😑😑 I instantly put the dog down and said no it's ugly I don't want it. Almost fell into his trap. Lmao.