Am I in the wrong?

Im about 5 weeks pregnant.  I go for an ultra sound first week of December but I had a doctors appointment yesterday to make sure all is well.   After that I told my mom shes gonna be a grammy.  Noone else knew besides my SO because my sister had a MC at 12 weeks and that scares me.   I only told my mom so Id have someone to talk to about it because ive been a worry wart and his moms been nothing but stress in my life.  Ive never had high blood pressure before her.   She literally works to get under my skin.   My SO wants to tell his parents soon before we are ready to announce to everyone.  I dont want to because if his mom knows she will literally tell everyone.  Even against my wishes.  Its just how she is and to be fair, this is the happiest thing to ever happen to me and its my news to tell.   I dont want her knowing until the morning we are ready to announce to his whole family and that upset him.  Shes more stress than help though and she already treats me like a child and tells me what to do or that I go about my life stupidly because Im eating healthy.  Etc.  I just dont want the world to know until Im ready.  As it is, I dont feel pregnant.  

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