Miscarriage 3 weeks ago now bfp

I can't believe it!! 3 weeks ago I had a mc at 5/6 weeks and today at 9dpo a bfp!!! But faint!!
​I have had 3 mc since last August and I'm feeling afraid this will be another but trying to keep positive. 
​Since my mc beginning march I've seen a herbal health practitioner and a obstetrician. My ob did heaps of tests. All came back normal / his explanation of my mcs was bad luck. The herbal health lady looked at things holistically. She made me change my diet / lots more protein. Also take herbal: Chinese meds for health reproductive system. 
​I could hardly believe it when I got ewcm and ov pain. So I took a opk and sure enough blazing positive. After my other mc's it took a few months to feel normal again. This time straight away. 
​Any way now 9dpo I have tender breasts and thought I should check ,even tho it was evening and there it wAs!! It's difficult to get too excited but please pray for me that this is a sticky bean.