2nd baby vagina blues

After my first, my vagina looked more or less the same as before but ever since around week 25 with my second pregnancy is has changed SO MUCH. I'm beginning to feel so depressed about it, I can't find any information online about it, but I see my OB tomorrow. I asked him once and he said it's normal... when I sit down now the opening of my vagina feels bulged and hard around it, almost like when the baby's head was coming out! And my lips are now so dofferent. The outer lips are so small and deflated looking and saggy almost and the inner just looks like a big mess. I'm only 24, I know there are bigger worries in life than a pretty vagina but I'm getting so self conscious about it :( is it just the pressure from baby 2 being in there? Can anyone relate or is this just me. Sorry for the rant.