Gin & Juice 😐

So I spent most of the day yesterday in bed resting because I was having some belly pains. I took a Tylenol, rested for a while, took a nap, and then was up to make a lazy dinner for the hubby and myself (sandwiches). At about 11 pm, I felt Peanut move and hubby and I went to bed at about 1 am. This morning I was up by 8:30ish...12:00pm rolls around and I still haven't felt Peanut move! I tried everything, I ate, had caffeine, wiggled my belly, played music to my belly, wiggled my belly, talked to the baby, drank lots of water, kept my bladder full for a while (usually Peanut kicks up a storm with a full bladder), laid in a position where movements are more pronounced, closed my eyes to concentrate ...and nothing! Now, Peanut usually moves TON, so feeling nothing since 11 pm yesterday had me panicked and in tears over 12 hours later. I called up my cousin to take me to the ER because I was a mess... hubby gets home while I was waiting...says, "laydown." He asks, " Did you play Peanut's favorite song?" That's is the only thing I hadn't done! He grabs his phone, puts his hand on my belly, the song plays...and...MOVEMENT! All Peanut needed was a little "Gin and Juice". Now, 2 hours later and we have non stop kicks lol. Ay, my baby will have Daddy's taste in much for having a rock baby lmao