Is not wanting kids a bad thing?

I have been seeing so many girls wanting kids here and I feel wired about not wanting them now. 
Even when I was younger, I wouldn't play with dolls, I would play with stuffed aninala and take care of them. I was that one girl who didn't have a single doll. When I was 13, I was already looking up ways to not have kids no matter what. 
I also want to adopt a kid and now like have one. But that is only if I find the right guy and everything is perfect . 
In addition, so many people over the years have been like, wait till you have a family / baby. It gets under my nerves so much. So, I feel really wired about not wanting kids and when I tell people that, they are just like. Oh, it just a phase. 
What should I tell those people and is this normal or do you think it is just a phase? (Sorry for my grammar and spelling. iPhones are hard to type on ans jave good grammar)