Af is late. Shes never late!!! Time to vent

Melissa • 28 married to my childhood sweetheart ttc one more after all the mcs and ectopic pregnancies. fx
While im ttc with hubby all he can think about is himself. Wanting me to quit my job when i make more money. Maybe hes jealous. Theres this emptiness in me cuz im beginning to feel nothing for him no more. Still no af and all he can do is stress me out by arguing with me cuz no one but me cared enough to wish him a happy bday. Hormones are going crazy which makes me think i conceived. I am a tough woman but lately ive been crying over everything. I just need to vent. Although now is the time to be happy. Weve waited three years for this for us to get divorced? Crazy. I dont know if i should be happy i conceived or cry cuz my marriage is falling apart.