Incompetent cervix

Nadia. • I'm going to be 35 and on my 3rd child, I have to say each experience of pregnancy has been different.
Was anyone told they had an incompetent cervix from their on-gyn? I found out last week that my crevice shortened to 1.8 centimeters, when I went back to the doctor on Thursday come to find out I dialated 1 centimeter leaving my cervix with only .8 centimeters! I had to be admitted into the hospital to stop the contractions and the following day Friday they performed a cerclage. Well I didn't have much cervix left so my doctor called any ther one from San Diego and what was supposed to be a 30 minute surgery turned into 4 hours. After all this the baby is for healthy and alive and I am on bedrest for the rest of the pregnancy (4months) and right now I have only bathroom privileges. This has been really scary for me and I don't know what to expect. I still need to take a hormone called progesterone even after the surgery but if anyone has had his happened I would love to hear the outcome of your cerclage.