Brown bleeding ... No answers?

So I have been having brown bleeding for like a week and it has gotten worse over the last 2 days. I wouldn't say heavy but it's definitely not light anymore. Went to DR and they have no answers yet. I am too early along. By my calculations I should be 7 weeks but at my appointment last week on 5/25 I measured 5+1 (thought I was 6+1). Today I measured 5+6 (should have been 6). They are repeating my HCG to see where it is at and then again on Thursday. As of today's u/s just a sac, no yolk sac, no pole, but she says it could be a little too earlier. She said it looks like blood clots and old blood but again she can't be sure. 
The agonizing wait is horrible. Anyone else experience this? I hate not knowing.