Frustration with DH

Stevie • Just tested on 5/8 and I got my BFP. I`m preggo with my first !!!!
Unless you go through treatments, you can't get preg without having sex. I feel so bad but I am so annoyed with my husband. I mean , this whole TTC is so stressful, frustrating & heartbreaking. Now to add on top of that, I'm so annoyed with my husband & ending up crying myself to sleep.
​To make a long story short, I had a + ovulation on Sunday morn. We BD'd that night , but we needed to BD last night too. I told him that. I feel bad being so controlling ab when we have sex & making it a chore, but I mean you have to have sex to get preg! He was drinking yest (it was opening day). I kept tell him I was worried that would effect him. He assured me it would be fine. Well, it wasn't. He couldn't  get it up & ended up assing out. I just laid there & cried . Now I'm annoyed & upset. I mean, the chance of just Sunday working is so little. I needed to try to BD more than once to maximize my chances. Why do I temp, check CM, & take ovulation tests if it's all for noth bc we won't even BD!!! I mean it's such a small window & all you do is wait for the chance. Now I have to wait a whole cycle to try again & I'm so bummed :-( </3 
​Anyone else experience this frustration with their husband? Any advice? :-(