Baby's last name- yours, his, or both?

Okay mommas without the rings, so I never planned on even changing or hyphenating my last name when i got married, half because I'm already established in my career and half because I feel passionate about keeping my last name due to the honor of having it period. But I HAD planned on giving my babies their fathers last name or maybe hyphenating it but that depends whether I decided to make their life that much more complicated. Anyhoo, My SOs last name is AWFUL, Hortenbury. I can't think of ONE name that goes well with it. I'm 11 weeks tomorrow and this is something I keep going back to and thinking about, I feel like he's going to FLIP if I even mention not giving the baby his last name. But also, he and I aren't married so I feel like I'm not OBLIGATED to do so, maybe if we do get married I can either change it or add it on. Idk what are your guys thoughts on this? Or experiences? 
PS my last name is Giordano. Just picture that possible combo for a second lol. 

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