My man...

Ashley🌹🌹🌺 • I'm a FTM with experience of babies from raising my sister. I'm an herbal nut who's madly in love with my soulmate.
I've been reading a lot of posts and comments talking bad about the male species. 
So I wanted to take a moment to brag about my husband. 
I have a wonderful man who has fought tooth and nail to become who he is today. 
Four years ago he was a raging alcoholic who had very violent tendencies. He was a sweety when sober, but hand him liquor and it was all over. 
It took two years of getting the crap beat out of me, pleading with him to change that I finally realized I couldn't force him to get his life together but I could walk away. 
This I packed my bags and left. After much pleading on his part I came back to him. He confessed to our pastor what everyone had suspected for months. We went into counseling to clean our lives up and to get my husband sober all while he began a faith based recovery program. 
It took a year in counseling but he realized that he had a very serious problem, and he had to get serious with the solutions. He learned how to handle his temper, and how to walk away from alcohol
I'm now 34w pregnant with our son, married to the man of my dreams. He cooks (tries to at least), cleans when I tell him I need help, is my shoulder to bawl on, and my massage therapist when I can't make an appointment fast enough. 
So ladies, bad relationships can change. BUT everyone involved has to realize that there's a problem for there to be change. You also have to know when to walk away and be prepared to follow through with it. 
My big teddy bear of a husband is going to be a fantastic dad. I'm so proud of him. 😍 he's a great man, and it's an honor to be his partner for life. ☺️