Mental Health

Becky • 21 year old British girl, in love with a soldier and expecting out first bundle of joy in January '17! 👨‍👩‍👧
Had my first midwife appointment yesterday (yay) and due to a history of mental health conditions she suggested I see the MH midwife for a bit of extra support. 
I'm in a really good place now, so I don't feel like I need it and I currently see my own counsellor but fair enough I wasn't going to turn down more support. 
Then she did my height/weight/bmi and (I USED to be bulimic when I was like 16) she's told me I HAVE to see the consultant team because of it. My bmi was around 17 which I know is pretty bad but I thought I've been doing so well. 
Basically, I'm just worried that they think I'm a danger to my baby. I'm prettified of them getting social services involved or something. 
I'd love any advice or if anyone has been through something similar it would just help settle my nerves lol