Feel so bad.. Help!

We had a family vacation planned & I got a call from the doctor that I'm anemic & need to do some more lab work, I mentioned to her if there was a way I could do it after my vacation she asked where I was going & I told her the San Felipe.. Baja Cali. She told me about the Zika virus & I understand that it was her job to warn me & explain to me to either not go or go & be super careful but I pretty much freaked myself out. I talked to my BF & he's super bummed out. We talked & told him that it wasn't about me or him I just didn't wanna risk anything. He told me that we would be okay. I go in the shower & I thought about it did some more research after & told him okay we'll go & now he has his mind set that we are NOT going! I feel so bad. I know he really wanted to go because all of his cousins were going this year & I guess they don't go often. 😞 should I try to talk to him into going or let it be? I don't wanna push his buttons but I don't want him to miss out on the vacation.. I feel so fkn bad.