Stop sexualizing women!

I just saw the #freethenip post. But what about #freethebutt It's hot out okay. Everyone has butts! Butt cheeks are not sexual!! As long as my vag is covered there is nothing wrong with a little butt. What's modest to you isn't modest to everyone btw. Stop sexualizing nipples and butt cheeks!  
Example photo, not me but what I feel is appropriate to wear in public. Honestly women should just walk around it thongs, no pants and no bras. I also feel it is really important to take tons of pics and post them up on social media Ya know, to make a point. So more pics of my ass will soon be up. What's the point? ........ 😂
😂 obviously satire people. Your reactions are funny. Just like you don't wanna see ass I don't wanna see your nipples on my facebook. Because it's hot and don't like bras.