Baby hates sleeping on back!!!

Garcia • livin the married life ♡

Hey yall!!! Sooo my bundle of joy and rainbow.. he hates sleeping on his back... he LOVES sleeping on his belly... so basically when I first came home I used his bassinet which he was up every 2 hours.. army MIL came from PR... she put him on his belly and ever since then that is his number one position. It got to the point to where he would sleep on my chest at night on his belly and very okay sleep for 3 hours at a time.. he is 4 weeks on Saturday.. now I went out and bought this auto sleeper rocker.. I love it I like that it has a small incline on not laying flat on his back... I try 2 use it all the time so he is use to do it.. he only sleeps 2 hours max with it..

Any advice ladies?? Thank youuu!!