Am I in the wrong?

Elizabeth • Mommy of one beautiful girl, and twin boys (:
I love my husband and daughter very much. There isn't anything I would not do for them. I don't ask for very much. I already felt bad saying I wanted just a couple of hours away from my daughter. I need a break. She is now to the point where she plays with only me, I can't put her down. Can't do dishes. Nothing. I'm with her every day. And when we do something on the weekends she is always right there and I'm having to do everything. All I want is a couple of hours to go on a date with my husband. Just me and him. But no, my husband isn't comprehending that. My 21st birthday I spent with my daughter. I wouldn't trade that for the world. My husband had to work all day. Said he would make it up. Which he hadn't. Am I so wrong to get pissed that I want to have a date with my husband without my daughter for 3 hours??