Rant, sorry.


I am so tired of feeling unwanted and unappreciated.

He uses my car every morning to go to the methadone clinic, to spend $17 for his daily dose of drugs, then i have to drive him to work, then i have to go clean houses all day at 36 weeks pregnant, come home and clean, and then go pick him up from work, come home and make dinner, then he takes my car back out a few times a week to cut lawns.

I pay the rent, internet, my cell phone, his cell phone, gas, electric, trash, credit card bills, car insurance, i spend a ton on gas every week driving every where, oil changes, groceries, etf.

We don't have sex, he says the methadone makes him not want to, i honestly dont even know how i got pregnant.

All of his check goes to the $17 a day at the methadone clinic, $5 a day on cigarettes, weed multiple times a week, and child support for his other 2 children. He hasn't helped purchase 1 item for the baby, never helps with a bill, or even put gas in the car.

Never a gift for my birthday, anniversary, christmas, flowers, hell I'd be happy with a sweet note/letter. I buy his mom, children, and 3 brothers birthday and christmas gifts.

I do everything around the house, constantly picking his dirty clothes up off the floors and cleaning up the trash and dishes he leaves laying around.

I'm just so sad, feel so unwanted, unworthy of anyones love, i just cant handle it anymore.