DH and I have been thinking of names. We don't plan to find out the gender till birth so have been working on names for both. Since we tried for three years before getting pg, we've had plenty of ideas...and ironically none of them are what we landed on!! Lol. So here are what we think will be out name choices...tell me your thoughts!!

Girl: Mirielle Evana

It means miraculous gift from God (after three years of IF and thought we wld need <a href="">IVF</a>, we conceived the good old fashioned way without any help!)

Boy: Samuel Louis

Samuel means God has heard and is the name Hannah (in scripture) named her son when God blessed him to her after IF. Louis is a family name (hubby and fil middle name).

Thoughts? Any weird associations or nicknames or ways they cld be made fun of that I might not have thought of? Thanks!