Belly support for pelvic pain!

Sam • Me, my man and our daughter 💞
As far as pregnancy goes, I have hit the jackpot of "all things that are bad about pregnancy". 
From extreme morning sickness, to low blood pressure and heart murmurs, to constant dizzy spells and feeling like I've been hit by a bus half of the day most days... I have now come to a point at 34 and 6 that pelvic pain has decided to be my next hurdle. 
Now, I know my pregnancy isn't and won't be the worst ever experienced and I'm positive many of you will relate to this 100% so don't take me the wrong way as I let my tale tell... 
But, holy crap, this hurts. I can't roll over in bed, walking is beginning to feel like a distant memory, getting out of bed at night now involves waking up my partner and waiting for him to be conscious enough to help me up... And of course I went and read about it and of course there is nothing I can really do to help this other than ... You guessed it! Have the baby! Hurray!! Apparently this is extremely common although some women won't feel it as much as others. 
So to my question - would a belly support help this pain? If you have been through this and tried a belly support please let me know ur experience! I still have 5 weeks and am struggling already! 
Thanks queens x