Haven't been prepared and still tried for yrs now i fear it's too late

Tiffany • Grew up an only child with my dad who acted like a brother. I long to have a son and have him b an only child my childhood was better than husbands,fathers and mothers all had atleast 1 sibling
We tried till I was 40 from 28 but skipped 7 yrs at 33 because I had injuries and a substance problem which my husband joined me it's not an excuse because being pregnant would have had me stop smoking but all my junkie messed up friends and were popping them out left and right and I would end up taking care of them. So if you can't beat them we stupidly joined them. I went for biopsy and my specialist at time said besides my weight which at time was 316lbs and a tilted uterus like my mom and cousin who had the son I always wanted that I should be fine to have a baby. Now at 43 we have been off opiates for 8 yrs in December and my grandmother had 4 in her 40's so I'm hoping we can make a last ditch effort. I've got two big houses we live with my mom in a 5 bed, 3bath, I just wish I could have had a little boy before my father passed