Need to vent

So first of all I didn't care much for a baby shower, just bc I didn't want to have to go through all the stress of decorating and making food etc. well my mom agrees to help so I thought why not? Well I've done every single thing by myself anyways. She wouldn't even go look At decorations with me. The shower is tomorrow so I've been making as much food as I can tonight (with only the help of my bf) and she was supposed to make the rotel dip and I said I would well she got all mad. And I just said fine forget it well then I get yelled at for "always being in a bad mood and being hateful." So I said "yeah if you were 8 months pregnant and have had to do everything on your own you would be stressed out and ill too." Now she's telling me and my bf we need to move out.  Long story short now she isn't coming to my baby shower and is being so rude to me. I just don't even know what to do anymore and I'm so stressed out I just want to cancel the shower. Ugh