Feeling guilty about our shower.


Sooo I'm sooo excited and thankful and grateful that we are having our shower next week. However, between great hand me downs and a small work shower we really don't need anything.

Are shower has 50ppl RSVPed that they will be there. And we have another small shower in July from his family who cant make the big one. And possibly one from my hockey team I play on.

We have already returned $200 in stuff and I just feel like we are asking for gifts and we don't really need them. At the time of planning the shower we had nothing so we needed everything.

I already know we have about $500 of stuff on our registry bought that we no longer need ($400 travel system we were just given the exact one from a close friend who's kid out grew it)

I'm excited and overly grateful but already feeling guilty. And worried about feeling bad when bringing so many things back. Wishing it wasn't stressing me out and hope no feelings get hurt if they find out we returned their gift.