Marriage advice

You're the closest thing to a support system I have right now and I really need yalls advice. 
My husband and I are literally on the verge of divorcing. We've been married close to 2 years and last month he got out of the marine corps. Well, in February, I moved in with his parents while he stayed in NC until he got out. He moved back here in May. Even while we were apart, things were rocky. We fought constantly. He would be mean and then make up for it saying he was stressed, which I understood. For the most part, I've had a pretty decent relationship with his parents....until recently. 
To save a lot of time and words but best let y'all know what's going on. Once he moved back home, his mom completely changed her attitude towards me. Rude, ignores me, just acts like I don't exists. 
Of course my husband and I have been fighting constantly. Last week he kept going on about how he wanted a divorce and wanted to live the single life. I was so sick about hearing it I threw his wedding ring out the car window on the highway and pretty much was figuring out a plan for myself. See, we didn't grow up in the same area. We're in Memphis and the closest people I have to me are 9 hours away. So I have no where to go that's in the Memphis area to get away. I don't WANT a divorce. I truly want my marriage to work, but I also am missing a lot of things from my husband, who hasn't been the best to me for as long as we've been married. But I feel the good always outweigh the bad. 
While I'm trying to figure out my own situation, whether my husband is with me or not, I'm trying to make a marriage work that seems impossible. During our fight he pretty much told his mom we weren't working, which led her to treat me even worse. And since him and I have agreed to semi work things out slowly, she's been absolutely disgusting me to. Told him she won't speak to me because I'm rude and she doesn't want to go off on my ass. Her exact words. She's also brainwashing him saying I don't love him and it's really driving a wedge.'s the last final thing. He won't stick up for my towards his parents because he's afraid we will get kicked out. He hasn't found a job yet but I'm working two jobs and making more than him, so we can afford to move out. But he won't. 
At this point, I'm just lost and looking for some guideline. I'm stuck. I don't know whether to stay or go. I love him. With everything I have in me but I don't see this getting better and to him I'm being a bitch