Am I the bad guy?

Laura • Mommy to one angel, Lexie Grace. 10/21/16. 👼 Rainbow 🌈 baby Noah born 08.06.18
My husband decides at 230 this afternoon, while on the way home from the beach, to invite his sister (whom I've never met) and her daughter to supper. No big deal. I got home, unpacked, and started straightening the house. Planned a dinner and everything. His sister calls back and asks if she can bring his three other nieces and nephews , too. Four kids from ages 2-14...two of whom are really wild. Four kids, three adults...dinner for 7. We've been out of town for days, just getting home, and now I'm having to prepare a meal for 7 people and finish tidying up. Plus, I'll be dealing with some rowdy youngsters (screaming, jumping on furniture, etc) and I'm 11 weeks pregnant. I got aggravated and started venting to my husband, so he called off the whole thing. Said we'd do it some other time, but now he won't even talk to me. Am I the bad guy?