My date was 9-6 i had her in 6-18

My beautiful 28 weeker. She is 2lbs 9oz. I was at 3cm and in and our of hospital for a week but the meds didn't work this time around and I started dialating more and more contractions every 5-10 mins. My little princess was breach so the doctors rushed me into O.R and I had a C-section. She was born at 8a.m and the doctor said she wouldn't cry when she was pulled out. But she did! She let our 3 tiny little cries. I never knew I could love someone this much . it all hit me after I seen her I loved her while pregnant but i t didn't hit me till she was here I felt bad for not feeling connected with her while I was pregnant but now I am down in the dumps because I feel empty and l she isn't in my belly moving like crazy :( I can't wait to be able to hold her. I only was able to touch her once for 3mins .