Weird thoughts about giving birth early?


I'm going to sound totally crazy! So if youre not a "believer" or open to weird stuff please ignore! Lol

Blame the hormones or pregnancy brain or just me being weird but here goes...

And I'll start with the fact that I do not want to have this baby at 37 weeks.

However earlier I was driving to work and in my head I had a thought that I had a month left to my pregnancy before she was here. And that I'd be 38 weeks and that wouldn't be so bad. But then I realized I'm only 33 weeks (except we are unsure of due date because of being irregular, only having two possible conception dates and a shitty ultrasound tech and could actually be 34 weeks and a few days but who knows!) It was a strange thought, kind of like the back of your mind thought. I'm prone to those except it's normally like a 'there's a deer up there' while I'm driving kind of thing when I hadn't seen it yet and then I'll slow down and it'll run in front of me. Or a few days ago I knew there was a snake in my garage but it was such an odd thought I figured I was just being weird... then my husband goes to put his shoe on and it slithered right past him! Lol

But I had this thought and if I did have our girl in a month I know she'd be "term" (early term or whatever it's called lol) But I was wondering what experiences other mommas had with 37/38 week babies. I do not want her to have any issues and even though I know there is a very good chance that I'm wrong I'd still like to be prepared! All of my family and husbands family believe I will have her in July (due august 7th) for one reason or another. Including my husband who doesn't believe in forethought premonitions, or knowing the unknowable whatever you would call it. Lol but since the beginning he has always thought I wouldn't make it until august.

I want to keep this girl in until she is nice and healthy! But I'm still going to prepare for whatever may come!

I also have this very strange paranoia about having my bloody show in the near future. I know you can lose your mucus plug and have it regenerate, but from my understanding (please correct me if I'm wrong) once you have a bloody show delivery is coming.

So now that I sound crazy... I'd love to hear your experiences!