any advice ?

okay, so Thursday me & my boyfriend had sex. he nutted in me due to a in the moment situation. he came 4 times 5 seconds apart. I'm supposed to come on tomorrow, I'm not on no type of birth control nor did he use condoms. this is the second time we've had a scare. but even after he cummed I said "oh fuck I'm pregnant" 😂 but i said it naturally, I didn't think on it or anything. It was like I could feel how much cum was in me & im telling y'all it was ALOT. today I experienced a little back pain, and sharp pains (bearable) in my right side kinda under my ribs, I've been feeling dizzy, I do smoke marijuana ALOT. I would say I would get high like 5 times a day. but it's puffs I don't smoke the whole blunt. if that makes sense. I honestly don't know what to think b/c I can talk myself in feeling like I'm pregnant but not . ANY ADVICE?