Missed period faint positive today negatives

Tay • Hi my name is tay I have been engaged for 3 months and ttc baby #1 for two months now. We got pregnant back in november but lost it. We are now trying again for a miracle to happen.
Hi girls I'm stressing bad. And need help! I have a regular 28 day cycle af was supposed to arrive it never came all day so I tested with frer around 5 pm got my first positive ever and it was faint. So I tested again today with fmu with frer negative. Then this afternoon urine frer again negative. And digital negative. No AF yet and my period is never late more than 28 days I'm going with my gut and my first test thAt was positive but I am a worry wart. Anybody else had this happen before and had positive outcomes. Also I'm 13 dpo tpday and yesterday I was 12 dpo along with a missed period.