First time iui 💓 June 17

After one year ttc dh and I are in the first cycle working with fertility clinic. 
 Took Clomid  CD 3-7 and hsg trigger on morning cd11 and <a href="">iui</a> th e next day around 11:30 am. 4  Follicles and ones of dominant size were 17.5 and 13.5 on cd10. SS had 22 million and 96% motile. 
Just 2dpiui and still lots of abdominal tenderness and a little cramping. But I've never been on Clomid before so I don't chalk that up to much. Blood test is July 1 so I know I'll be obsessing over everything until then. I have a short 22 day cycle normally tho so we'll see. Send positive vibes. 
Baby dust to everyone. ✨